About Us

Taisei Lamick Asia

Since the establishment of our parent company in 1966, Taisei Lamick has been dedicated and focused on optimisation of liquid and paste packaging. 

It is our goal to provide a one stop solution to our customers with High-Speed Liquid VFFS (DANGAN), cutting edge liquid packaging film, and exceptional manpower development. 

This results in an outstanding liquid packaging quality, productivity, and empowered production personnel. With Taisei Lamick Asia’s presence in Southeast Asia and Oceania, liquid and paste packaging is like never seen before.

Taisei Lamick Asia was formed in September 2022 as an independent entity from Taisei Lamick Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Est. 1973), focusing on Integrated Liquid Packaging Solution, with offices in Malaysia and Thailand. Taisei Lamick Asia is currently serving a vast range of clients in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and Australia and open to wider market in the region.

From Customer’s Requirement to Total Liquid Packaging Solutions

Meeting the customer’s requirements in producing the right liquid packaging, Taisei Lamick proposes the three elements in Liquid Packaging System. 

Taisei Lamick Asia’s Contribution to the Supply Chain