The flagship Generation 2 (G2) has been the industrial choice for its stellar performance, versatility while maintaining simplicity and small footprint. It has the capabilities to produce pouches from 3g to 500g with a seal through technology, eliminating air / head space in the pouch.

The G2 comes in several variations to meet customer demands and has room for further customisation to meet your special needs.

Supported Packaging Formats

Screenshot 2022-09-26 at 5.29.03 PM

3 Side Seal

3 Side Seal Bottle Neck

Screenshot 2022-09-26 at 5.29.40 PM

Twin Sachet 3/4 side Seal

Screenshot 2022-09-26 at 5.29.55 PM

4 Side Seal

Screenshot 2022-09-26 at 5.30.09 PM

4 Side Seal Twin Sachet
(Double Output / Single Twins)


 Standard (4 Division Type)3 / 6 Division TypeLarge Capacity
TypeOption to fit Twin Lane 4 Side Seal Type
Line Speed4 – 30 m/min
Sealing Pitch40 – 160mm70 – 180mm (3 Division)40 – 160mm (Standard)
100 – 250mm (Large 1)
100 – 250mm (Large 2)
  30 – 90mm (6 Division) 
Filling Volume3g – 100g1.5g – 100g5g – 100g (Standard)
5g – 350g (Large 1)
5g – 500g (Large 2)
 Filling volume varies with Twin Lane 4 Side Seal Option
Maximum Output400 pcs / min500 pcs / min (6 Division)400 pcs / min (Standard)
150 pcs / min (Large 1)
60 pcs / min (Large 2)
 The output will be doubled with the Twin Lane 4 Side Seal Option
DimensionsW 1450mm ✕ D 980mm ✕ H 2200mm
Utilities RequiredElectricity: AC 200V ±20V 4.8kVA
Air Pressure: 5 bar

User Request Options

Cover Options

– Full Cover

– Top Cover

– No Cover

Pre Heater-Unit

Standard Pre Heater (Recommended)

Additional Pre Heater

Film Guide Options


Short (Optional)

4 side Seal (Optional)


Side Seal (Vertical Seal) Options

3 Side Seal (Standard)

4 Side Seal (Option)

Twin Sachet (Option)



Air Removal Tools


Horizontal Seal Option


Seal Bar Options

Flat Seal (choice of sizes)

Bottleneck Seal

Grooved / Flat / Grind

Date Imprint

Air Pressure Cylinder




Film Exhaust

Single Stage Shutter

Double Stage Shutter




Single Stage / Double Stage

Full Cut

Perforated Cut

Wave Cut


Printer Support

Continuous Inkjet Printing

Inner / Outer Surface

Thermal Transfer Overprint


Printer Checker Unit

Mounting for Print checking


Nozzle Options

Different sizes for different application


UV Sterilisation

For products that require sterilized surfaces


Ultrasonic Squeeze board

separating particulates before sealing during High-Speed Operation


Pneumatic Ceiling Roll Adjuster

Ease of adjustment for ceiling roll


Adjustable Nozzle Height / Angle

No additional nozzle needed for different product