Mohno-Pump / Progressive Cavity Pump

The Progressive Cavity Pump has a capability of dosing wide range of liquids from water to high viscous paste accurately. Coupled with Servo Motor for intermittent filling, users can control the filling of products with particulates easily. Its single helix design makes maintenance and cleaning easy.

Rotary Lobe Pump

The Rotary Lobe Pump is well known for its small footprint and is widely used in the food industry for continuous, non pulsating fluid conveyance. It can support wide product temperature range and viscosity without the need of retooling. The Rotary Lobe Pump is designed to match the client’s requirement on continuous filling.

Post Processing Automation

Packaging doesn’t end there without the finishing touches. Through Taisei Lamick’s collaboration with post-processing automation partners, we provide a wide range of post processing automation to cater your production needs in a competitive package.

Our range is from (but not limited to) Case Placers, Pouch Layering Machine to Auto Bagging Machine. Each are custom made to meet your production requirements.