Astron Mark III

With the years of experience of developing a reliable high speed VFFS, new users can benefit the Taisei Lamick’s introductory model – the DANGAN Astron Mark III.

Combining low startup costs with high output and high efficiency, the DANGAN Astron Mark III is a perfect choice for those who are seeking to dive into high production output while developing a vast range of products.

Video Courtesy of Taisei Lamick Co.,Ltd 

Supported Packaging Formats

3 Side Seal

3 Side Seal with Bottle Neck

4 Side , 3 Side Seal – Twin Sachet

4 Side Seal


Line Speed 4 – 18 m/min
Seal Pitch (Cut Length) 40mm – 160mm
Supported Film Width (Open) 70 mm – 200mm
Filling Volume 3g – 100g
Maximum Output 360 pcs / min
Dimensions W 1,150mm ✕ D 720mm ✕ H 2,090mm
Mass ~750kg
Utilities Required

Electricity  : AC 200V ±20V 4.8kVA
Air             : 5 bar

User Customisable Options

Seal bars are interchangeable, giving you a freedom to stylise your pouch. (Not available in the large capacity type)

Taisei Lamick’s option of Flat Cut, Perforated Cut, and Wave Cutter, gives the user, freedom to choose their sachet outlook. 

Selection of squeezers to attain airless seal that  helps in extending shelf life of the product. 

Left  : With Liquid Squeeze Roller
Right : Without Liquid Squeeze Roller 

The Standard Pre Heater module helps to condition the material before sealing during high speed operation. 

For packaging that require higher sealing temperature or ultra high speed operations, Strengthening Pre-heaters are a useful add-on options.

Options available : Left (pictured), Middle & Right Unit to suit user’s need.

Full cut blade with perforation blade switch is combined into a single module for a more cost effective options. 

Users have the option to choose one or two stage clamps for different filling application.

Elevation legs are milled and welded to achieve a perfect right angle structure. Useful for lines that require pool box, or post processing automation that demands certain operating height.

Wide range of filling nozzles to choose. From 6mm diameter to a wide 35 x 7mm nozzle , to suit user’s liquid packaging needs.

Taisei Lamick provides various design of mounts for Continuous InkJet Printer (Coder).

There are two mounting options ,
i) inside print (transparent) 
ii) surface print (opaque)